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Wayne Saman

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CEO Wayne Saman is a greatly respected financial advisor…Wayne was born in Australia and is mortgage broker, accountant and financial advisor. He served as a key principal in roles as Manager in Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services, and Management consulting services at Freedom Financial Consultants. He has extensive experience in all areas of business advisory, with expertise in taxation advice, planning, business structuring and development, self-managed superannuation and management advice. His portfolio of clients extends across a broad spectrum of industries and services.

Wayne Saman Education

Not only does Wayne hold a Bachelor of Commerce, he also has earned himself a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment as well as a Diploma of Financial Planning.

Wayne Saman Experience

Wayne Saman worked in FREEDOM FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS PTY. LTD. which is located in IVANHOE EAST, VICTORIA, Australia and is part of the Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services Industry. FREEDOM FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS PTY. LTD. Employees and Sales figures are modelled).

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