Alex Wade – doctoral studies

Alex Wade is a senior research fellow who is working at the edge of where videogames meet society. Using game theory to explore the intersection is his speciality examining the history of games to explore the formation of society during the Cold War and beyond. Of particular interest in his work are concepts of space, time, consumption as a function of production and the role of science and technology applied to the development of the contemporary world.


Areas of Expertise
  1. Histories of Videogames in the UK
  2. French Social Theory
  3. Research Methods
Postgraduate Supervision

Alex Wade currently supervises a number of PhD students in all areas of across the Social Sciences. He welcomes enquiries from students working in the area of Games Studies; Space, Time and Society; Social Theory and Cultural Theory. 



Wade, Alex. (2018) The Pac-Man Principle:  A User’s Guide to Capitalism, Hampstead: Zero Books

Alex Wade, A. (2016) Playback: A Genealogy of British Videogames of the 1980s, New York: Bloomsbury  

Journal Articles:

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