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Common Features of Custom Built Cabinets

Many homes enjoy the wide range of functionality afforded by custom built cabinets; and you can even find them put to good use within professional premises, too. Unlike traditional storage units, these variants are ideal when a little more personalisation is required. This could be because of the limited space available within a house or garage; or when they are being installed within a bedroom (especially when off-ground storage is more preferred).

What makes these storage facilities different?

Where regular cabinets might feature normal doors, shelves and drawers – those that are built to suit a specific purpose can include these and much more. They can be modified to fit into a specific angle, or they can have their own proportions modified to ensure that they can be installed where necessary. This is something that most normal cabinets can struggle to offer and considering the low cost of having a unit customised to suit a requirement; it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to them within their own properties.

The common features of customised cabinets and wardrobes

There are several features that these types of cabinets use, often as standard, which regular types don’t. The first is a vital component if longevity and the security of internal property is a priority (and it’s waterproofing). The ability to fit waterproof features and functions to a cabinet can make a lot of difference; and this is especially beneficial if the unit is intended to be used outside in a garden, or inside of a shed where temperatures can drop and water can get in.

Another feature are the customised shelving units, which can be installed to run the entire height and width of a unit, or placed sparingly to allow additional storage above or below the shelf. Depending on the size and shape of the cabinet it’s even possible to introduce customised shelves that can cater to specific angles, or ones that can be cut away to allow other features to be included.

A cabinet won’t be complete without drawers and these additional features can certainly be included within personalised storage units. The size and depth of the drawers can be modified to ensure that they fit appropriately within the units – or they could be left out altogether in favour of other features, such as poles for hanging garments.

These are a few of the most commonly found features within personalised cabinets, but the truth is that a good supplier will be able to introduce almost any number of specific preferences and functions to one that they are putting together for a customer. Regardless of the space available and no matter the cost; these types of storage unit can be very beneficial to a home and with stylish aesthetics always being an option; they won’t typically detract from the look and feel of a house.