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IPDS scope of services extends from flowsheet development through prefeasibility and feasibility phases to assistance with detail design, commissioning and operations.
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IPDS provides personal tax advice for consulting services to major projects undertaken within the integration of the project process.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Update for Hazardous Spills

Using Industrial Hazardous Materials Bunding to Prevent Spills

Making sure your employees are safe at work during Covid-19 is essential to preventing injury, and accidents can be prevented by having well-maintained and in-house industrial hygienic facilities. Using appropriate safety equipment such as factory and warehouse safety mats and spill trays and lines is important, but one thing that is not a necessity is using hazardous materials, such as oil, on the floors of the warehouse or factory. Industrial Hazardous Materials (IHC) Bunding (IBC Bunding) is one of the safest methods available to reduce the risk of spills occurring.

The use of HMP (hazardous materials) spill trays and lines to ensure that no one inside the confined space, and accidents are prevented from happening. There are different types of bunding systems available and depending on the requirements of the business, various types of bunding systems are used. There are several different types of bunding systems for different types of industrial applications. They include:

Types of Bunding Systems

Event Collection is an HMP line that collects oil from all sides of the lines and traps it in an inner chamber. This prevents the oil from escaping out of the line and keeps it safely contained. There are two types of funding systems that contain the oil. Tuff Stuff is an HMP line that allows the oil to be collected within a steel cylinder.

HMP Lines

HMP Stacking is an HMP line that is made of stainless steel and has a stacking system for greater strength. The Stacked bunding ensures that oil will not escape.

HMP Clutching is an IHC bunding that takes the force of an oil leak and pushes it back to where it was before it leaked. The clashing system provides a small-sized cradling force that can help absorb the force and prevents the oil from escaping the bunding.

Static Tension is another type of binding used for managing spills. Static tension bunding uses a wall plate to manage oil spills. The wall plate compresses when the bunding is overfilled.

A silencer spray is a spray that eliminates the odor or contaminants of an oil spill before they enter the protected room. There are several types of silencers.


These are just some of the many industrial leakage prevention products that can be used in keeping your workers safe from industrial hazards and which are supplied by Stratex in Australia. There are many manufacturers that make these products and you can find them in any industrial area.